Damages to property can be reduced and lives can be saved when people are prepared and trained to have the necessary skills on emergency response. In many occasions, emergency medical services and more tragically the disaster services are not able to reach the scene in time. Things are made worst if the remoteness of the occurrence prevents these teams to even reach the area. Emergency awareness training is essential to empower people at work to assess the situation and provide appropriate immediate help when necessary. Fires, explosions, chemical release, violence or biological releases are some of the threats to any organisations’ facilities. A skilled Emergency Response Team (ERT) will go a long way to ensure safety of affected personnel and reduce the risk of damage to your organization.


  • To train ERT personnel to understand and handle an emergency situation at the workplace before external emergency agencies arrival.
  • To practice the use of emergency equipment on site and familiarize with the emergency system.
  • To understand and review emergency site policy & procedure.

Target Group

  • ERT Members
  • First Aid Team
  • Safety & Health Committee Members

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