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Basic First Aid Training at the Work Place aims to give a more comprehensive coverage on the understanding and practical guidance as well as the theoretical aspects of first aid to the Volunteers and the public based on the concept of prevention. When someone becomes ill or injured, there is usually a short period of time before you can get professional medical assistance. It is that length of time that is most critical to the victim. What you do, or don’t do during that period of time can make the difference between life or death. It has been proven that proper initial handling of the accident victims contributes significantly to the final outcome and often determines if a life could be saved. This programme will impart the basic practical knowledge of First Aid.


  • To respond to emergencies safely
  • Understand basic first aid principles and its procedures
  • To recognize, assess and support the most common emergencies until professional help arrives
  • Be aware of the importance of proper safety procedures
  • Identify common injuries at the workplace and how to deal with them

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