MHE Trucks Safety Training is a must for all MHE Trucks operators and material handlers and narrow aisle operators. The class includes classroom instruction plus hands-on examination. Attendees will master safe MHE Trucks operation while improving skills. MHE Trucks training reduces the likelihood of accidents, material damage, downtime, and improves competency.

Certification is given upon successful completion of classroom instruction and passing the practical skills testing at your facility.

This training is also commonly known as Forklift Safety training. MESH is able to offer this programme for various MHE trucks including power pallet trucks

  • 1 day programme is a refresher programme for a trained/experienced forklift driver
  • ​2 days programme is for new forklift drivers


The program is designed to provide trainees with skills and confidence to operate a MHE Trucks safely and reduce injury and accidents to personnel and property.


  • From this course, participants will have classroom knowledge of:
  • MHE Trucks Operators’ responsibility
  • Engineering principles of MHE Trucks’ stability
  • Rules for safe operations
  • Accident prevention

In addition, participants will be trained on physical aspects of:

  • General Safety
  • Safe Driving principles
  • Accident Prevention
  • Behavioral Based Safety
  • Identify danger areas
  • Conduct pre-start checks
  • Conduct pre-operational checks
  • Know MHE Trucks capacity
  • Operate MHE Trucks safely
  • Picking up of loads
  • Traveling without loads
  • Unloading
  • Stacking and de-stacking
  • Park correctly
  • Travel
  • Up and down inclines

* ​Please note participants will be assessed including practical test to gauge the response to the training. A trained person card can be provided upon request by clients.

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