Noise can be derived from various work processes and work environment. A noisy work environment can not only harm or impair employees’ hearing it also contributes to the workplace stress. An effective noise management system in your workplace will yield a more conducive and healthy work environment.

The Department of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH), Malaysia through the Occupational Safety & Health (Noise Exposure) Regulation 2019, enforces the requirement for safe noise levels in a workplace. Under the said Regulation, any employer of a workplace shall carry out a Noise Risk Assessment (NRA) to identify if his/her employee is likely to be exposed to excessive noise.

The main objectives of carrying out Noise Risk Assessment are to determine the measurement of area exposed to excessive noise, noise contour, personal noise exposure monitoring and recommend appropriate control measure. Rest assured that our team of experts consisting of Noise Risk Assessors, Safety Engineers and Occupational Health Consultants are committed to provide our customers with practical & cost effective solutions or control measures, reliable services and in accordance to the latest noise regulation, Occupational Safety and Health (Noise Exposure) Regulation 2019.

The noise exposure limits as per the Occupational Safety & Health (Noise Exposure) Regulations 2019 requires that no employees is exposed to :

  • The daily noise exposure level exceeding 85dB(A) or daily personal noise dose exceeding 100%
  • The maximum sound pressure level exceeding 115dB(A) at any time;OR
  • The peak sound pressure level exceeding 140dB(C)

At MESH, our team of DOSH Registered Noise Risk Assessors are ready to assist your organization in carrying out :

  1. Initial Noise Monitoring including Personal Noise Monitoring
  2. Positive Noise Monitoring
  3. Additional Noise Monitoring

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